Create your mosaic

Customize Your Mosaic

Customize your mosaic tile from existing models and stones to match your specific preferences. Each model of tile can be created either by basalt or by the types of marbles or travertine.

Nur Mosaic also produces customized mosaic with mixed stones.

1. Travertine Zebra and Polished Basalt


զեբրա տրավերտին

բազալտից խճանկար natural stone mosaic мозаика из натурального камня




One our our customers liked travertine zebra stone very much, but he estimated existing models very simple. Understanding the customer’s specific requirements, one of our sales managers presented a model of asymmetric polished basalt model and proposed to make travertine zebra tile using that pattern. As a result, we have a satisfied customer who, in turn, has a nice reception at his dental center.